Change the active to passive voice sentences! 1. She sweeps the floor today


Change the active to passive voice sentences! 
1. She sweeps the floor today 
2. Anita is reading a new magazine now 
3. We check the brochure every day for our clients 
4. They are searching the reference books now 
5. He leaves her to study abroad 
6. They cancelled all flights because of fog. 
7. Anton spoke about grandmother. 
8. Amanda returned my book last night. 
9. Marchell was watering the plants. 
10. They were cutting a big tree.​

  1. The floor is being swept by her today.
  2. A new magazine is being read by Anita now.
  3. The brochure is checked every day for our clients by us.
  4. The reference books are being searched by them now.
  5. She is being left to study abroad by him.
  6. All flights were cancelled because of fog by them.
  7. Grandmother was spoken about by Anton.
  8. My book was returned by Amanda last night.
  9. The plants were being watered by Marchell.
  10. A big tree was being cut by them.

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