5 Sentences for could 5 sentences for would

5 Sentences for could

5 sentences for would


10 Sentences for "could":
  1. She could play the piano when she was just five years old.
  2. If you study hard, you could achieve excellent grades.
  3. I could help you with your project if you need assistance.
  4. They could travel to Europe next summer if they save enough money.
  5. Could you pass me the salt, please?
  6. If it stops raining, we could go for a walk in the park.
  7. He could speak three different languages fluently.
  8. With some practice, you could become a skilled dancer.
  9. We could meet for lunch tomorrow if it works for you.
  10. If you leave now, you could catch the next train.
10 Sentences for "would":
  1. She would always lend a helping hand to those in need.
  2. If I won the lottery, I would buy a house by the beach.
  3. I would love to visit Paris someday.
  4. He would often go for a run in the morning to stay fit.
  5. Would you like some tea or coffee?
  6. If I had more time, I would read more books.
  7. She would always smile and greet everyone she met.
  8. We would often go camping in the mountains during the summer.
  9. Would you mind closing the window? It's getting cold.
  10. If he had the chance, he would travel around the world.

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