Create 15 sentences using simple past tense ( 5 positive sentences, 5 negative sentences, and 5 interrogative sentences)

Positive Sentences (Simple Past Tense):
  1. I visited my grandparents yesterday.
  2. They watched a movie last night.
  3. She completed her homework on time.
  4. We went to the beach during the summer vacation.
  5. He cooked a delicious dinner for his family.
Negative Sentences (Simple Past Tense):
  1. They didn't go to the party.
  2. She didn't finish her work before the deadline.
  3. We didn't visit the museum last weekend.
  4. He didn't like the movie they watched.
  5. I didn't play tennis yesterday.
Interrogative Sentences (Simple Past Tense):
  1. Did you go shopping yesterday?
  2. Did they travel to Europe last year?
  3. Did she enjoy the concert?
  4. Did we have a good time at the party?
  5. Did he read the book you recommended?

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