Make 3 command sentences! make 3 request sentences!

Make 3 command sentences!

make 3 request sentences!


Command sentences:
  1. Stand up and stretch your legs.
  2. Turn off the lights before leaving the room.
  3. Complete your homework assignment by tomorrow.
Request sentences:

  1. Could you please pass me the salt?
  2. Would you mind helping me carry these boxes?
  3. Can you please send me the report by the end of the day?

Command sentences are used to issue a command or instruction, telling someone what to do. They often start with an imperative verb and do not typically include a subject pronoun (e.g., "you"). These sentences convey a sense of authority or urgency.

Request sentences, on the other hand, are used to make polite requests or ask someone to do something. They often start with modal verbs like "could," "would," or "can" and are formulated in a more polite and indirect manner. Requests are not as forceful as command sentences and allow the recipient the choice to comply or refuse the request.

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