Make example sentences from each degree of comparison. 1. Positive degree 5 sentences 2. Comparative degree 5 sentences 3. Superlative degree 5 sentences​

Positive degree:
  1. She is tall.
  2. The movie was good.
  3. He is smart.
  4. The flower is beautiful.
  5. The dog is friendly.

Comparative degree:
  1. She is taller than her brother.
  2. The movie was better than I expected.
  3. He is smarter than his classmates.
  4. The flower is more beautiful than the others in the garden.
  5. The dog is friendlier than the one next door.

Superlative degree:
  1. She is the tallest person in the room.
  2. That was the best movie I've ever seen.
  3. He is the smartest student in his class.
  4. The flower is the most beautiful I've ever encountered.
  5. The dog is the friendliest animal I've ever met.

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