Make passive sentences (20 sentences)​

Pertanyaan: Buatlah 20 passive sentences.

Jawaban :
  1. The cake was eaten by the dog.
  2. The book was written by the author.
  3. The window was broken by the ball.
  4. The car was washed by my brother.
  5. The letter was sent by the postman.
  6. The house was built by the construction workers.
  7. The painting was admired by the visitors.
  8. The song was sung by the singer.
  9. The meal was prepared by the chef.
  10. The mistake was made by John.
  11. The flowers were watered by my mother.
  12. The document was signed by the CEO.
  13. The project was completed by the team.
  14. The message was delivered by the messenger.
  15. The picture was painted by the artist.
  16. The cake was baked by the baker.
  17. The decision was taken by the committee.
  18. The problem was solved by the engineer.
  19. The letter was read by the recipient.
  20. The goals were scored by the striker.
Passive sentences adalah kalimat di mana subjek tidak melakukan tindakan dari kata kerja. Dalam passive sentences, tindakan dari kata kerja dilakukan kepada subjek. Contohnya, "The cake was eaten by the dog" adalah sebuah passive sentence, di mana subjek "the cake" merupakan objek yang menerima aksi "eaten" yang dilakukan oleh subjek lain, yaitu "the dog". Dalam contoh-contoh di atas, subjek dalam kalimat menjadi penerima aksi yang dilakukan oleh orang atau objek lain.

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