Make sentences using modal 1.must (5 sentences) 2.has to (5 sentences)

Buatlah kalimat menggunakan modal.

Jawaban :

  1. You must finish your homework before watching TV.
  2. I must attend the meeting tomorrow.
  3. They must arrive on time for the concert.
  4. We must study for the exam.
  5. He must apologize for his behavior.
Has to:
  1. She has to complete the report by Friday.
  2. The team has to win the game to advance to the finals.
  3. The child has to brush his teeth before going to bed.
  4. My brother has to catch the early train.
  5. The company has to meet the deadline for the project.
Have to:
  1. We have to buy groceries for the weekend.
  2. They have to attend the seminar next week.
  3. I have to submit the application before the deadline.
  4. You have to pay the bill by the end of the month.
  5. She has to take her medication regularly.
  1. You should apologize for your mistake.
  2. We should visit our grandparents more often.
  3. They should start saving money for the future.
  4. He should study harder for the exam.
  5. She should consider taking a break from work.
Ought to:
  1. You ought to help your parents with household chores.
  2. We ought to recycle to protect the environment.
  3. They ought to be more respectful towards others.
  4. He ought to apologize for his rude behavior.
  5. She ought to eat healthier for better fitness.
Modal adalah kata-kata yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kemungkinan, izin, kewajiban, atau saran. Dalam contoh-contoh di atas, modal seperti "must," "has to," "have to," "should," dan "ought to" digunakan dalam kalimat untuk mengekspresikan kewajiban, saran, atau keharusan. Masing-masing modal memiliki penggunaan dan makna yang sedikit berbeda.

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