Please make 5 present continous sentences 5 comparative sentences, and 10 superlative sentences​

Pertanyaan: Tolong berikan 5 contoh kalimat present continuous, 5 contoh kalimat perbandingan, dan 10 contoh kalimat superlatif!

Jawaban :

Kalimat present continuous:
a. I am studying for my exams.
b. She is cooking dinner in the kitchen.
c. They are playing football in the park.
d. We are watching a movie at the cinema.
e. He is reading a book in his room.

Kalimat comparative sentences:
a. My car is faster than yours.
b. Her house is bigger than mine.
c. This book is more interesting than that one.
d. Their team is stronger than ours.
e. His computer is newer than mine.

Kalimat superlatif:
a. This is the tallest building in the city.
b. She is the smartest student in the class.
c. It is the most expensive restaurant in town.
d. They are the best performers in the competition.
e. He is the funniest person I know.
f. This is the oldest book in my collection.
g. She is the most talented artist I've ever seen.
h. It is the largest park in the neighborhood.
i. They are the nicest people I've met.
j. He is the kindest person I know.
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