Write 5 Simple Sentences, 5 Compound Sentences and 5 Complex Sentences

Tulislah 5 kalimat sederhana (simple sentences), 5 kalimat majemuk (compound sentences), dan 5 kalimat kompleks (complex sentences).

Jawaban :
Kalimat Sederhana (Simple Sentences):
a. I like to read books.
b. She is studying for the exam.
c. The sun shines brightly.
d. They play football in the park.
e. He walks to school every day.

Kalimat Majemuk (Compound Sentences):
a. I went to the store, and I bought some groceries.
b. She loves to dance, but she doesn't know how to sing.
c. He studied hard for the test, so he got a good grade.
d. They went to the beach, and they enjoyed swimming in the ocean.
e. We ate dinner at the restaurant, and then we went to see a movie.

Kalimat Kompleks (Complex Sentences):
a. Although it was raining, she went for a walk.
b. Since he was tired, he decided to take a nap.
c. I will go to the party if I finish my work on time.
d. After I finish cooking dinner, we can eat together.
e. Because she forgot her umbrella, she got wet in the rain.

Kalimat sederhana (simple sentences) terdiri dari satu klausa yang menyampaikan satu pikiran atau informasi. Kalimat majemuk (compound sentences) menggabungkan dua kalimat sederhana dengan menggunakan kata hubung seperti "dan" (and), "tetapi" (but), atau "sehingga" (so). Kalimat kompleks (complex sentences) terdiri dari satu kalimat utama (main clause) yang merupakan pikiran utama, dan satu atau lebih klausa terikat (dependent clause) yang memberikan informasi tambahan. Contoh-contoh di atas menunjukkan penggunaan kalimat sederhana, majemuk, dan kompleks.

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